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AISCON, the African Information Security Conference, is the annual epicenter of cyber defense dialogue and innovation, rooted deeply in the African continent.


AISCON, the African Information Security Conference

AISCON is a dynamic hub for cybersecurity discourse and discovery in Africa. Established in 2017 by tech pioneer Zuo Bruno, it’s grown into the premier event where international and local cyber guardians converge. AISCON serves as a vibrant marketplace of ideas, strategies, and solutions, addressing the cyber challenges unique to Africa. It’s more than a conference – it’s a yearly rendezvous for thought leaders and innovators dedicated to crafting a resilient digital landscape for Africa.


At an AISCON event, attendees can expect a comprehensive, vibrant, and engaging experience centered around cybersecurity. Here's a glimpse of what one might typically expect:

A Vibrant Community

Finally, become part of a growing community dedicated to securing Africa's digital future. AISCON is not just a conference; it's a movement for a more secure digital landscape in Africa.

Innovation Showcases

Discover groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions being developed by innovators from across the globe. These showcases can provide inspiration and insights into the future of cybersecurity.

Focus on Africa

With a spotlight on the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by Africa, attendees can gain a deep understanding of the specific issues at hand and contribute to developing tailored strategies and solutions.


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Meet More Than Your Expectations:

At an AISCON event, attendees can expect a comprehensive, vibrant, and engaging experience centered around cybersecurity. Here’s a glimpse of what one might typically expect:

Expert Talks and Keynotes

Hear from leading professionals in the field of cybersecurity, .

Panel Discussions

Engage with panels of experts as they discuss and debate the most pressing issues in cybersecurity

Workshops and Tutorials

Participate in practical, hands-on sessions designed to impart valuable skills and knowledge


Explore the latest cybersecurity technologies and services showcased by various companies.

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Expert Team Behind AISCON

The Africa’s Information Security Conference is an annual event that brings together cybersecurity experts, professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from across the continent to discuss common challenges and solutions

The team is made of information security experts, academics, technologists, and business leaders with a shared passion for securing Africa’s tech infrastructure.

Zuo Bruno

OSCP | Cyber Guru | Cyber Security Expert| Author and More...

Paul Mbua

Investment Expert, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Web Expert, Digital Marketer, International Trainer, IT Expert

Tata Derek

Pentester |Forensics |CEHv11 |Infosec Analyst | ICSI | IT security auditor | cybersecurity trainer | WiCyS Affiliate Mento

Cedric Ipkiss

Entrepreneur CEO Maxwell Technologies Cyber Security | Engineering | Servers | Hardware | Commerce | Marketing | Training